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No wanna-be hypsters, men's chopper panties or BBQ parties... Just 100% real motorcycle shop.

I will be opening the showroom.

Saturdays only starting October 1st.

10:00 am to 3pm.

Here at Custom Vintage Cycle we do things differently. There really isn't much of a shopping experience. As far as parts sales go, I am currently getting the store online and parts can be ordered through it and then shipped to you, or you can come pick them up if your local and wish to do so. I run the place like a parts warehouse more so than a shopping mall store. It's a business here to sell motorcycle parts, not a hangout. This makes my life easier and keeps the cost of parts down, so I can compete with the motorcycle parts whores. This is a real motorcycle shop, not a corporation full of bean counters who don't know a tire from a carburetor, or their ass from their elbow for that matter. I don't sell mens chopper panties or throw BBQ parties for that matter either.

Most of the parts I keep in stock are "hard parts". That's the stuff you need to keep your bike running, not chrome goodies. I have nothing against chrome, I personally like to build nice stuff, I just don't stock much of it. I know performance parts real well as I have been building bikes for 30+ years and I'm a firm believer in building good street performance bikes. I also have a full machine shop and do tig and some gas welding. 95% of all engine and transmission work is done on premises. 

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Custom Vintage Cycle ... motorcycles, scooters and e bikes

There's nothing quite like an old motorcycle. The look , the smell, the sound and it's uniqueness. Most importantly though is it's story. Unlike a new bike, it has a past and if it's a good one, it's got heart and soul and a spirit of it's own. If you're like me you want to keep that alive or give it a whole new life.
That's why I started Custom Vintage Cycle.

Custom Vintage Cycle is a unique blend of old Harley-Davidson's, scooters and we are just getting into electric bikes. I sell top quality parts and do freelance service work.

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